7shifts - Full Stack Web Developer(Oct. 2021 - Current)

PremiseHQ SaaS Inc. - Junior Software Engineer (April 2021 - Oct. 2021)

Freelance Full Stack / Web Developer (Dec. 2020 - Current)

Technical Skills

  • Frontend

    Javascript, React, Gatsby, Next.js, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Material UI, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Sanity, Laravel, PHP

  • Backend

    Javascript, PHP, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Graphql, Firebase / Firestore, Rails, Cloudflare, Netlify, Heroku

  • Additional Tools

    Git, Github, Bitbucket, GA4, GTM, Optimizely, Osano, Jest, Mocha, Chai,


Typing DNA - Educational Assessment Portal

DNAducation utilizes advanced TypingDNA biometrics to provide an educational portal that monitors student identity via typing throughout the examination process. Administrators can create and mark exams and students can take their exams and access grades through the portal. Built as part of a DevPost Hackathon.

React, Node, Express, MaterialUI, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Knex, Axios, TypingDNA, Heroku

React Mountain Sports - Snowboard Store

Online snowboard store project inspired by the origins of Shopify. Includes filtering of inventory, shopping cart, checkout, and administrator access to view pending and filled orders. Admin authentication uses the Auth0 api.

React, Node, Express, Redux, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Auth0, Heroku

Let's Get Trivial - Multiplayer Trivia Game

Multiplayer trivia game with fully customizable question categories, game settings (including sound effects), and fun animations. Users can create private or public rooms and play against friends by sharing a game code. You can also play solo rounds to hone your trivia skills. The app utilizes Socket.io and the OTDB api.

React, Node, Express, Socket.io, HTML, Sass, OTDB, Heroku (Hosting)

Musician Pratice Drones

A tool for musicians to practice intonation and improvisation. The app enables the user to create a highly customizable audio landscape built from any combination of the 12 pitches found in western music. In addition to designing the user interface, I also did all of the sound design using Ableton Live.

React, CSS, HTML, Netlify (Hosting), Ableton Live